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Practice Philosophy

Dr. Steele Johnson and the entire staff at Steele Dermatology operate with the basic philosophy that we all want to look, feel, and be our best.

As a dermatology practice, we specialize in caring for the most superficial aspects of the body, the skin, hair and nails. We understand that your dermatologic issues take on a unique level and type of importance because they are visible…to you and the world.

Health comes first – healthy skin, hair, and body is the foundation for beautiful skin, hair and body. Dr. Steele Johnson takes your medical concerns seriously and offers the most advanced and skilled medical care only available from a board certified expert in dermatology.

Looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand.

With even the most serious of dermatologic medical conditions, cosmetic concerns are raised, whether they be scarring, discoloration, redness, etc. On the other hand, if you want to improve the appearance of your skin, hair, or body, there are medical considerations to ensure that products and procedures are not only effective, but also healthy and safe. Whether we see you for skin cancer screening, a rash, chronic skin condition, or you have concerns about wrinkles, skin texture or uneven color, both the medical and cosmetic consequences are considered to give you the healthiest and best looking skin, hair and body so that you can feel your most confident.

What Sets Us Apart: Experience the Difference

Dermatology Expertise

Dr. Steele Johnson is a Harvard-trained Board Certified Dermatologist skilled in the treatment of skin, hair, and body. She is an author of many articles, an active contributor to journals and meetings furthering education and helping contribute to learning in the field. She provides patients with the unsurpassed medical care you would expect from a doctor with her background and training. Furthermore, she has gone above and beyond the traditional education of a dermatologist, to become expertly skilled in performing the most up to date cosmetic and surgical procedures. She is a recognized expert injector of fillers and neurotoxins, and a talented surgeon, giving patients superior cosmetic results in the offerings at Steele Dermatology.

360˚ Total Treatment Plan

At Steele Dermatology, your experience is unlike that at any other dermatologist, med spa, or cosmetic surgeon. You are not forced to choose between exceptional medical care and exceptional cosmetic/esthetic services – you get both. Every skin, hair, and body issue is considered to be both medical and cosmetic. Just because you have a serious medical concern, you don’t have to worry that the appearance will be sacrificed. With even the most serious medical issues, Dr. Steele Johnson knows that the appearance of the treated area matters.

When you see Dr. Steele Johnson or one of her providers, you get a complete treatment plan so that not only is your skin, hair and body healthy, but also looks great. Similarly, every technology is evaluated such that it makes you look better, but also makes the skin, hair and body healthier and promotes health, and is safe.

Personalized Care

No two patients are the same. Your condition, your lifestyle, etc. is taken into account in treatment. One of the most important factors in your treatment regimen is you. Dr. Steele Johnson sincerely believes that your preferences and habits must be considered in your treatment plan.

Outstanding Service

We value you as an individual and understand that you have a choice in where you get your care. At Steele Dermatology, we make every effort to make sure you have a positive experience with our office and hope that you will want to come back for all of your skin, hair, and body needs and will refer your friends and family as well.

Dr. Steele Johnson and her staff are experts in the care of skin, hair and the body so they know what you need. However, sometimes there are different pathways to achieving the same or similar results. Once Dr. Steele Johnson evaluates your skin, hair, and body, and comes to understand what it is you need, and also what you want, then we can develop a treatment plan together to get you results.

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Book your appointment at our Alpharetta office. If you prefer, give us a call at (770) 464-6000. Visit our Contact page for location map and hours.