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June is Father’s Day month, leading many of us to rack our brains for the perfect gifts for the men in our lives. The best presents are often those that the recipient would enjoy, but wouldn’t think to get for themselves.

Dermatological treatments fit that description for a lot of men, who are seeing signs of aging they would like to correct, but might not be as proactive as women in seeking out solutions.

Historically, men have been a little bit more shy about requesting or researching cosmetic treatments. While statistics have shown an increase in men’s procedures in recent years, the men in your life might need more of a push to try these solutions that will leave them feeling more confident – and possibly even more successful in their professional lives.

Luckily, men no longer have to go under the knife to turn back the hands of time. Below we’ve described the 4 characteristics of a youthful appearance that men can reclaim with a little help from non-surgical anti-aging procedures.

1. Strong Jawline and Chin

A strong jawline is one of the main defining characteristics of a masculine face.

Jawline Chin Treatments Anti Aging Men Dermatologist Steele Dermatology

Jawline procedures are among the most popular for men, possibly associated with the theory that men with strong, square jawlines have better success in business.

A recent study looked at CEOs from the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and found that 90% of these top executives had “non-receding to prominent chins, a trait found in less than half of the United States population.”

Best Non-Invasive Jawline and Chin Procedures for Men

There are a few different treatments that are highly effective for men looking to achieve a more chiseled jawline and chin area.

While dermal fillers can be an option to restore volume, the two procedures that we find are most impactful for this lower face area are CoolSculpting and Ultherapy.

CoolSculpting works by freezing off stubborn fat cells that can’t be eliminated through diet and exercise alone. Besides being a great way to address excess body fat, the treatment ideal for addressing double chins to reveal a more sculpted jawline.

CoolSculpting Before After Men Jawline Double Chin Steele Dermatology

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production in the skin. This procedure is excellent for tightening and firming skin around the chin area, giving men a more prominent and masculine jawline.

Ultherapy Men Before After Steele Dermatology

2. A Thick Head of Hair

Out of all the signs of aging, hair loss is often at the very top of men’s list of concerns. Men think back on the luscious locks of their youth and can have a hard time embracing their thinning hair and receding hairline.

Hair Restoration Treatments Anti Aging Men Dermatologist Steele Dermatology

While male pattern baldness is often associated with middle aged men, one in four men will start to see a receding hairline before the age of 21. By age 35, two thirds of men will start to notice hair loss, and by age 50 – a whopping 85% of men will have thinning hair to some degree.

Best Non-Invasive Hair Growth Procedures for Men

Until recently, the only real option for restoring hair was hair transplant, which required surgery and an ample amount of donor hair to donate to the thinning areas.  

Besides being costly and invasive, hair transplants could have the downside of looking “obvious” – giving men another reason to stay away from the procedure.

Another reason to be glad to be alive in our modern times: hair restoration procedures that are minimally-invasive and actually cause hair to grow back. This is far preferable to transplants since the procedure has no “downtime” and the 

At Steele Dermatology, we’ve had great success with PRP Hair Restoration. This procedure involves injecting your own blood into areas of hair loss in your scalp, stimulating hair growth in these follicles. After the treatment, you will start growing new, longer, and thicker hair.

The entire process takes less than an hour and involves absolutely no down time. The “after” picture in the set below was taken after 1 complete course of treatment. 

PRP Hair Restoration Atlanta Steele Dermatology

3. A Strong and Lean Body

Despite the trend of women professing their appreciation for the thick and sturdy “dad bod”, a recent poll showed 46% of men say they want to lose weight.

Body Sculpting Treatments Liposuction Men Dermatologist Steele Dermatology

While diet and exercise can go far in helping us achieve a fitter physique, many of us have stubborn areas of fat that will persist despite our best efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Best Procedures for Reducing Body Fat in Men

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure that has become a celebrity staple, with celebrities like Brad Pitt admitting to getting the treatment to maintain a youthful, lean, and strong physique.

The procedure takes about an hour and involves no scars, recovery period, or discomfort. Patients see results in the weeks following the treatment, as your body naturally eliminates the fat cells that were frozen during the CoolSculpting procedure.

CoolSculpting Men Atlanta Before After

For patients looking for more immediate results, we recommend Precision Liposuction. Unlike other types of liposuction, this procedure involves using fine movements and tools to sculpt areas of your body with great precision.

Like CoolSculpting, Precision Lipo is not painful and involves an easy, quick recovery. The most common areas where men look to reduce fat are the waist, stomach, back, and male breasts – in addition to the area under the chin and jawline.

4. A Youthful Face

Although some lines are thought to give men some character as they get older, they can definitely also make men look aged and weathered.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments Anti Aging Men Dermatologist Steele Dermatology

Wrinkle fighting treatments are on the rise among men, with the number of men’s Botox procedures up 258% in the last decade and 84% in the last five years.

Best Wrinkle Reduction Procedures for Men

Some men might be reluctant to jump on the “Brotox” bandwagon, associating the treatment with Real Housewives and frozen faces.

With proper application by a skilled practitioner, there is no need to worry. That obvious “had something done” look comes from overdoing wrinkle-fighting treatments like Botox and Dysport, or not injecting them correctly.

Odds are, people you know are already getting these treatments and you haven’t noticed – because the results are so natural when done well.

Botox Men Atlanta Before After

Botox and Dysport both work by inhibiting muscle movement in key areas where the skin tends to wrinkle. For example, the “crow’s feet” wrinkles we get on the side of our eyes from squinting and the “eleven” wrinkles we get between our eyes from frowning.

By “relaxing” the skin in these areas, you prevent these wrinkles from etching into your skin. These procedures take around 10-20 minutes, with results becoming visible a few days after receiving the procedure.

Give Your Man the Gift He Might Not Think to Get Himself

The dads in your life might already be looking into anti-aging options, or they might require some additional education about the treatments. Either way, you might want to send them this article so that they can learn more about the treatments available today and just how prevalent these procedures have become!

Purchase a Steele Dermatology gift certificate by contacting us at 770-464-6000 or for the treatment of your or dad’s choice. You can also purchase a gift certificate for a specified amount, and get dad to come in for a consultation with Dr. Steele before deciding on the best treatment options for his particular situation.

Whether you have any lingering questions about these treatments, gift certificates, or would like to make an appointment – we are here to help! Contact Steele Dermatology through our online contact formvia phone at (770) 464-6000, or on any of social media profiles:

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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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