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When you look at your neck, do you pull at a little excess pudge under the chin, do you pull back the loose skin to give yourself a virtual lift, or do you try to stretch out the lines and wrinkles to smooth out the skin?

Good news: modern technology can finally take over for your fingers to actually smooth out, tighten, or slim down your neck and jawline the way you’ve been dreaming of!

So, What’s Your Neck Issue?

Is it the Dreaded Double Chin?

Steele Dermatology Double Chin Treatments

A double chin isn’t always related to being overweight! There are really slim people who happen to (probably from genetics) carry a little pouch of fat under the chin, which can make one look like they are bigger than they actually are—so unfair! Eliminating this pouch of fat can make a world of difference in one’s profile and overall appearance.

So, forget about the crazy diets…they may not work at all for this area! Liposuction, however, works very well under the chin.  It is a safe and effective in-office procedure with minimal downtime that will literally take the fat away.  If liposuction isn’t a good fit for you though, then Kybella and/or Ultherapy, which are FDA approved to treat the neckline and under-chin area, are your answers. For my patients with thick, healthy skin, then Kybella may be all you need. It’s an injectable enzyme made by the company that makes Botox, that dissolves fat (yes, they’re already working on other areas where it can be used). You will need 2 or more treatments about a month apart and voila, under chin fat is gone…forever. If you have a large amount of fat, it is possible that you would need additional treatments, but I would advise you of this during your consultation.

If you have a little more stretched-out or sun-damaged skin along with fat under the chin, I recommend Ultherapy first. It is an FDA approved device using Ultrasound energy to lift and tighten skin. The fantastic thing is that it also melts some fat in the process. The ultrasound energy causes the skin to generate collagen and sort of “shrink-wraps” your neck. It’s possible that you would still need Kybella, but depends on your particular anatomy and response to treatment. Either way, with one or both of these treatments, we’ll have your neck and jawline slimmer and more defined.

Is it Neck Creases, Lines and Wrinkles

Steele Dermatology Neck Creases Lines and Wrinkles

Neck folds, lines and wrinkles can occur in a few different ways. They can be from a very active neck muscle (the platysma) that pulls really hard, from sun-damaged, aging skin, or just form the way your skin folds. Each requires a slightly different treatment:

  • Neck Creases: The person with a really strong and visible neck muscle tends to be quite slender and have a thin neck, but by being so thin, their neck can look sort of “webbed” which makes them look more aged. Treating this muscle with Botox makes a happy patient! By relaxing those muscles, it makes for a smoother and younger looking neck!
  • Neck Lines: Some people’s issue isn’t being too thin, having too much fat, or having a strong muscle, it’s just that their neck folds in a certain way to create creases (necklace lines). It can be treated with a superficial filler that fills in those creases, smoothes out the skin and creates immediate results! While the treatment may need to be repeated periodically, it may be several months to a year before needing another treatment.
  • Neck: Some patients have a combination of things going on, which requires combination treatment. If the skin is somewhat loose and, then I use Ultherapy (an FDA approved device using Ultrasound energy to create new collagen and elastic tissues) to tighten the skin, address the wrinkles, and smooth out irregularities in contour. By the way, this is also one of my favorite treatments for the lower face/jowls to create a tighter jawline! Adding Botox to this treatment plan would ultimately relax the muscles creating those bands running down the neck.

Is it a Soft, Pudgy Jawline?

Steele Dermatology Jawline Anti-Aging

Beyond the neck, people are often doing a little virtual “nip/tuck” with their hands to smooth out their jawline and make it tighter. Creating a tighter jawline is one of the most impactful things one can do for their lowerface and neck area and it’s done with Ultherapy!

When one is a good candidate, it can make you look younger, slimmer and more attractive all from a one-time treatment. It’s a little bit of a neck issue, a little bit of chin, a little bit of lower face—and when they’re all treated, it’s an awesome combination!

So, we’ve got the treatments to slim down, tighten, smooth out, and rejuvenate your neck, lower face, and chin. Your face is unique and your treatment plan will be too, so schedule a consultation today to see how Dr. Steele can give you the freedom to go Neck-ed!

Come to Steele Dermatology’s “Go Neck-ed” Event

Join us at the Steele Dermatology office at 11:30 AM on November 18th for our “Go Neck-ed” event! Guests will learn about the causes and best solutions for the most common concerns about the neck, chin, and jawline area.

Guests will receive a free consultation and personalized treatment plan, plus a goodie bag with samples of some of my favorite skin care products. Spots are limited, so reserve your spot by emailing and let us know you are coming!

The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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