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Were you or one of your loved ones one of the many people who got engaged over this recent holiday season or Valentine’s Day? If so, congratulations! It’s a very exciting time and there is lots of fun planning to do for your big day! It’s a day where you, and those closest to you, want to look and feel your very best.

We all know that wedding planning is about timelines, checklists, and some fun. 🙂

We’ve put together your ultimate guide to getting your skin, body and hair looking the most radiant on your special day!

Many patients who seek a dermatologist, come with the concern of wanting to look “younger” and seeking “anti-aging” treatments. Really though, it’s not about looking younger necessarily, it’s about looking one’s best at every age and minimizing the things that make one’s skin look weathered and less vibrant. This often involves minimizing wrinkles, folds, and creases in the skin. Not so many decades ago, dermatologists were fairly limited regarding the anti-aging treatments they could prescribe. That has all changed with the development of injectable wrinkle relaxants and injectable fillers. These amazing anti-aging products have made looking younger (and more importantly, more radiant) easier than ever. Even better, use of these products typically comes with minimal side effects while producing incredible and near immediate results.

When you look at your neck, do you pull at a little excess pudge under the chin, do you pull back the loose skin to give yourself a virtual lift, or do you try to stretch out the lines and wrinkles to smooth out the skin?

Good news: modern technology can finally take over for your fingers to actually smooth out, tighten, or slim down your neck and jawline the way you’ve been dreaming of!

Are you struggling with any of these eye-related issues?

Dark circles, wrinkles, crepey skin, droopy eyelids, puffiness, crow’s feet, tired appearance, short lashes, flat brows, thinning brows, under-eye “bags”

We’re talking about eyes! I probably get more questions about eyes than any other part of the face or body. They come from male and female patients alike, of every age and every skin color.