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11 Popular Skin Care Myths, Analyzed by a Dermatologist

There’s so much advice out there regarding skin care do’s and don’ts. Everyone has an opinion, from your favorite beauty blogger to your grandmother!

All these people have products they swear by, ingredients they warn you to avoid, superfoods they remind you to eat… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder: which of these popular myths, warnings, and recommendations are backed up by science?

In our first installment of “Fact or Fiction”, Dr. Steele provides her medical opinion and sheds light on 11 common skin care beliefs.

If you have been wishing that you could turn back the clock when it comes to your appearance, you’re not alone. Many men and women lament the fact that they just don’t look the way they used to in their younger days. At the top of the list of their complaints is sagging and loose skin and the wrinkles that go with it. Each time they look in the mirror, they are reminded that their appearance has changed. It is oh so common for us all to use our fingers and hands to lift up and tuck back areas of skin that seem to be falling or drooping, our own virtual “facelifts”.

This change in appearance may not even match the way you feel on the inside! It’s a disheartening realization, and it’s one that often carries emotional and psychological effects. That’s because your opinion of your outward appearance affects your inner attitude. How can you possibly feel and perform your best when you’re constantly self-conscious about your appearance?

We’ve all got to start everything somewhere and sometime: dermatologic care is no different. Many of my patients come to me as newbies to the whole “skin care“, “anti-aging”, and “skin rejuvenation” thing. When exploring the world of dermatologic care and treatment, people often wonder when they should start, what they should do, how often they should do it and how to make sure things look natural.

For this first installment of Ask Dr. Steele, we’re answering some of the most common questions we get from anti-aging newbies!