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When you think of Botox, you probably think of the wrinkle-smoothing powers of this popular cosmetic treatment.

While relaxing wrinkles is indeed the original and most common reason why patients get Botox, there are several other superpowers that have made this procedure so in demand among men and women alike.

Read up on the different uses for Botox below and join us on Tuesday, August 22nd from 12 to 2pm for our free “Botox and Bra Fat” event.

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1. Botox Can Smooth Out Your Expression Lines

This is the “traditional” use for Botox and the one that will come to mind for most people when they think about this treatment.

Botox, like Dysport and Xeomin, is what’s known as a wrinkle relaxant. That means that it works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles underlying your dynamic wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles, also known as expression lines, are those caused by years of smiles and frowns. They show up on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and on the sides of your eyes.

By strategically injecting Botox into these targeted areas, you can smooth out existing dynamic wrinkles while preventing them from etching deeper into your skin.

2. Botox Can Soften Your Jawline and Chin

With age, we tend to lose definition in our jawline area, resulting in a more bottom-heavy face.

Particularly if you are in the habit of grinding your teeth, your jawline can become wider over time.

Botox can be injected into the Masseter muscle, which we use to close our mouth and chew, in order to weaken it and make it less pronounced.

The result: a more contoured lower face, with a more youthful chin and jawline shape.

3. Botox Can Lift Your Nose

Starting at around age 40, our noses can begin to sag and take on a more hooked shape.

Botox allows you to get a temporary “mini nose job” that can take years off your face.

To achieve the nose lift effect, we inject Botox at the base of your nose, between your nostrils.

This releases the muscle that pulls your nose downward, resulting in a face that appears more lifted, youthful and rested.

4. Botox Can Plump Your Lips

If you’re looking for a subtler alternative to lip fillers, you might want to consider Botox injections to get that plumper pout.

By injecting a small amount of Botox along your upper lip line, your top lip will roll up slightly — resulting in a subtle plumping effect.

5. Botox Can Smooth Out Your Neck and Chest Wrinkles

The horizontal wrinkles that show up on our neck as we age can be addressed with what is sometimes referred to as a “Botox necklace”, in which the product is injected between the lines that extend all around your neck.

By relaxing these neck muscles, you not only temporarily erase these horizontal lines, you also lift your whole face — since these muscles are connected to each other.

The vertical “décolletage” wrinkles that can form with age on women’s chests can also be smoothed out with Botox injected into the pectoral muscles.

6. Botox Can Reduce Sweating

Botox has shown incredible results as a solution for people who suffer from hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating.

It can be injected into any area with overactive sweat glands, including underarms, palms, forehead, and soles of the feet.

Botox prevents your nerves from signaling to your sweat glands that they should produce sweat, preventing the accumulation of wetness in all injected areas.

7. Botox Can Extend the Life of Your Blowouts

Because Botox can be used to prevent sweating, it is an effective solution for keeping hair looking fresher for longer between blowouts.

The “Blotox” procedure involves injecting Botox in your scalp and hairline, targeting the sweat glands that are responsible for producing blowout-ruining moisture.

What Will Botox Do for You?

We hope this blog post has shed light on some of the amazing things that are possible with Botox.

Call (770) 464-6000 to ask us anything, make your appointment, or RSVP to our Botox & Bra Fat event!

During this free event, we will be discussing two of our most common cosmetic concerns, wrinkles and bra fat, for which we have awesome treatments that our patients love!

Join us on August 22nd from 12 to 2pm: enjoy food, drinks, and event-only specials while learning about Botox and CoolSculpting.

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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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