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Skin Changes as We Age… Reverse Signs of Aging with Microneedling!

It’s an accepted part of life that skin changes as we age. Scars, stretch marks and pigmentation changes may all mar previously unblemished skin. This can be troubling, leading people to seek assistance from their dermatologist.

As a dermatology practice that specializes in making the skin the healthiest and most vibrant, microneedling has been a really effective treatment that we’re able to offer patients. This minimally invasive treatment has been shown to stimulate collagen production, help with scar removal, improve stretch marks and minimize enlarged pores. In fact, microneedling is an efficient, safe method for taking care of many skin concerns and is quickly becoming one of our most popular procedures.

What is Microneedling?

During microneedling, a dermatologist uses a tool like the CosmoPen to puncture the skin with several tiny needles. These needles are sterile, and they are used to safely make microscopic injuries to the skin. When skin is injured, it begins a healing process that includes producing collagen and elastin. These substances are among the essential building blocks for healthy, youthful skin. In response to this controlled microinjury of the microneedling, your skin begins to regenerate itself, ultimately minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Skin needling has also been used to reduce the size of pores and to improve the texture and firmness of skin.

Microneedling for Scar Removal and Stretch Mark Treatment

Skin needling is appropriate for use on just about any portion of the body. However, it is most often employed on the face, neck and chest. These are the areas where people often see the most wrinkling as well as the most acne scars. The microneedling treatment builds new collagen fibers, a process through which depressed scar tissue is elevated. In addition, skin needling can be an effective stretch mark treatment. This is a tremendous relief to people who have all but given up on finding a way to treat this issue. Skin needling may be the best stretch mark and scar removal treatment that dermatologists have ever had.

What About “At-Home” Skin Needling?

Several at-home skin needling devices have come onto the market in recent years. Some users may achieve minimal results using these implements. However, the risks are many and the results are not likely to be as positive as those that can be achieved in your dermatologist’s office. Simply put, these at-home tools lack the technological sophistication and precision that are the hallmarks of the CosmoPen tool used by your dermatologist. The CosmoPen can be programmed to make exactly the right depth of puncture according to the area being treated. For example, the skin on some portions of the face is thicker than it is on other portions. The depth to which the needles penetrate the skin may need to be adjusted to account for these differences. At-home appliances simply lack this level of sophistication. Moreover, the opportunities for infection or injury are significantly increased when these procedures are not performed by a doctor.

Ask Dr. Steele Johnson About Microneedling

Whether you are interested in scar removal, a stretch mark treatment, diminishing lines and wrinkles or shrinking pore size, microneedling may be the procedure you’re looking for. If you’re like most patients, you’ll experience minimal downtime and discomfort in connection with the procedure.

Most people have to undergo between three and six treatments on the affected area to see long-lasting results. Of course, most people start to notice a difference in the quality of their skin after the very first treatment*. Because skin needling works by stimulating your skin to produce collagen and elastin, you’re likely to see continued improvement between each session.

Skin needling can give you the firm, glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a microneedling treatment. You’ll love the results!

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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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