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Melasma / Uneven Pigmentation

Uneven skin tone and discoloration are addressed through a variety of treatments, depending on the severity of the condition. Treatments may include medium-depth chemical peels that lift away discoloration while inhibiting the mechanism that leads to discoloration. Less aggressive treatments will slowly brighten the skin, while deeply cleansing and exfoliating surface impurities. Treatments are often best done in a series, as results may be cumulative.



This treatment is the premier treatment for severe discoloration and melasma. The medical-grade blend of ingredients is applied in the office, and continue to work over several hours to increase cellular turnover, resulting in the removal of surface damage. Peeling and flaking may be seen several days after the treatment, leading to a brighter, more even skin tone. Includes home care product kit to support the skin after the peel application. Recommended in a single treatment.


Booster-This propriety blend of botanicals and active brighteners work to clear and brighten the skin, while peptides and antioxidants detoxify and enhance the skin.


Specialized treatments that target the acne’s bacterium, as well as the sebaceous material in the pores, are used to reduce inflammation and breakouts. When used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan, clinical acne treatments can be an effective way to speed up the healing process. These are best done in a series, and will be tailored to meet the needs of each patient, and may include facials, chemical peels, and other specialized in-office treatments.



PCA with HQ-A is a deeper peel that will brighten the skin while inhibiting the process that causes an uneven skin tone. This active peel solution is great for those used to receiving peels, but are looking for something more active.


Acne HydraFacial includes all of the benefits of the Signature HydraFacial, while adding a specialized blend of glycolic and salicylic acid is used to purify the skin and reduce inflammation, in addition to extractions and rebalancing serums. Light Spectrum therapy is added to eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts.


A simple facial that detoxifies the pores, eliminates surface impurities, and removes cellular debris that may lead to clogged pores and a devitalized complexion. Steam and extractions accompany this active peel solution for the deepest treatment.


A blend of antioxidants and enzymes gently purifies the skin, while improving skin texture and radiance. The skin will be left smooth, purified, and glowing.


This salicylic acid treatment was formulated to address moderate acne. The active blend will calm and clarify the skin, and help reduce breakout activity.


The health of the skin can be improved with facial treatments that work to gently address the symptoms of rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. A reduction in redness, balance of moisture, and softening of skin texture can all be achieved with treatments specially created to address the symptoms of rosacea and reactive skin.



This facial is tailored to address a variety of skin concerns. It includes a mild exfoliation and extractions, as well as mask treatment and specialized serums to leave the skin balanced and glowing. Recommended for all skin types, but especially beneficial for sensitive or reactive skin.


A deeper treatment for sensitive skin, this mild peel energizes the skin without irritation. The complexion appears more even, and the texture and tone are immediately improved. Excellent for addressing fine lines and discoloration in sensitive skin.

Mature Skin & Age Control

Dehydration, loss of elasticity, and a sallow complexion can plague mature skin types. These are addressed through the use of highly effective antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid through a process of infusion. The skin is left feeling firmer, refreshed, and conditioned. For faster results, advanced treatments can be included to increase cellular turnover, and stimulate collagen production.

Professional facial treatments are also highly effective at combating the first signs of aging. A youthful glow, smooth texture, bright complexion, and firmness can be maintained or enhanced using a variety of fruit acids, professional exfoliating treatments, and stimulating masks. Antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid may be incorporated to address the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and an uneven complexion, while reconditioning the skin texture and improving hydration.



Give your skin the ultimate treat by addressing all the signs of aging and sun damage on the face, décolleté, and hands. Boosters include brightening serum, growth factors, and antioxidants, as well as all of the benefits of the Signature HydraFacial. Perfect for mature, environmentally-affected, or devitalized skin. You will see an immediate glow and softens to the skin, as well as reduction in the appearance in fine lines and uneven skin tone.


This facial is tailored to address a variety of skin concerns. It includes a mild exfoliation and extractions, as well as mask treatment and specialized serums to leave the skin balanced and glowing. Recommended for all skin types, but especially beneficial for sensitive or reactive skin.


Considered the ‘red carpet facial’, this treatment will offer a deep cleanse, thermogenic mask, and cooling treatment, and finishing products to rejuvenate the complexion.


A deeper treatment for sensitive skin, this mild peel energizes the skin without irritation. The complexion appears more even, and the texture and tone are immediately improved. Excellent for addressing fine lines and discoloration in sensitive skin.


A very active TCA peel that balances the skin and improves texture as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For resilient skin, this treatment will fresh, glowing skin.


An intense brightening peel for moderate to severe discoloration, signs of aging, and sallow complexions. This intense treatment is ideal for resilient skin, and is not intended for all skin types. This treatment will produce dramatic peeling.


This treatment includes steam cleansing and extractions, as well as a peel customized to address your skin concerns. All of the benefits of the therapeutic facial, with an addition of the Sensi-peel to supercharge your results. Results increase with each session, and should be scheduled in 4-6 week intervals.


Pumpkin Mask Treatment-A great treatment for those with sun damage and/or adult acne, pumpkin enzymes combined with salicylic acid and antioxidants create a powerhouse treatment to clarify and retexturize the skin.

Scars & Keloids

Everyone has scars, unfortunately. We have them from accidents, cuts and scrapes, surgeries, burns, etc. There are good scars, which are nearly invisible (ones that are perfectly flat, minimal in size, and close to your normal skin color and texture) and bad scars (ones that are raised or sunken, darker, lighter or more red-pink than your skin color, or stretched open wide). Keloids are especially bad scars that tend to be very thick, puffy and larger than the original wound. Dr. Steele Johnson understands that scars can often draw unwanted attention and detract from one’s appearance. At Steele Dermatology, we have developed unique treatment options to dramatically improve the look of your scars, with the goal to make them practically invisible.

Dr. Steele Johnson has been successful in treating some of the most challenging scars, i.e. those that have been previously treated without success, on areas of the body with lots of tension, or that have come back after previous treatment. No scar is too difficult—it can always be better, and usually it can be awesome! Making scars go away can require some persistence and patience, however patients are pleased with the end results that they otherwise would have been unable to achieve. Given the specific characteristics of your scar and your history, we will develop a comprehensive plan to make sure your scar is managed with the most advanced treatment options that just aren’t available with all doctors. Dr. Steele Johnson operates with the goal of making people notice you, not your scar with long-term results and happy patients.

What Type of Scar Do YOU Have?

The word scar is used a lot, but there are so many different types of scars that truly effective scar treatment. It requires evaluation of the individual lesion and a treatment plan, just like any other lesion on the skin. Scars can be areas where the skin is thinned out, too thick, too dark, too light, too red, etc. There are a lot of over-the-counter products that will treat “scars”, but what kinds of scars? Pink/red scars? Raised scars? Keloids? Acne scars? Wide scars? Burns? Surgical scars? Stretch Marks? Dr. Steele Johnson will first evaluate your scar(s) to determine which scar treatment options will work best.

Types of Scars & Keloids


Thick scars and keloids have too much collagen that formed in response to whatever was the initial injury to the skin. When the skin heals from any insult to the skin collagen is formed, ideally to a perfect amount to fill in/repair the skin. However, sometimes the skin repair mechanisms “overshoot” and create more collagen than necessary, giving a “puffy” or “thick” scar. Injections to thin the scar tissue, topical creams and medicines, and excision are the best treatment for these types of scars.Injections include steroids and/or Botox for thickened scars. Steroids injections are the most common way to treat thick scars, and it works well to break down those collagen bundles. It usually requires several treatments to gradually make the scar flatter, lighter, and softer.

In addition to steroids, Botox injections have been an amazing addition to Dr. Steele Johnson’s scar treatment regimen. An injection regimen that includes Botox and steroids, speeds up the overall treatment time, makes results last more permanently, and more effectively treats scars. Dr. Steele Johnson is an expert is the safe use of Botox for cosmetic purposes, but is now at the cutting edge in it’s use for scars.

Scar Creams can be very effective in treating thick scars/keloids. The best options are those containing silicone which help flatten and heal scars. At the Scar Treatment Center, we can show you the best options. They can effectively be used on almost any area of closed skin, like a surgical scar, but aren’t appropriate for open wounds like a scrape or burn. If you have a very small scar, then a cream alone may be enough, but it is often best used in conjunction with injections for the best results. Scar creams are used every day until the scar looks and feels it’s best.

Excision (i.e. cutting out/off a scar) is only a good treatment option in a few situations with thick scars. When deciding if it will be prudent to remove a scar surgically, Dr. Steele Johnson evaluates the chance of a new thick scar forming in response to the procedure. Generally, the risk of a new thick scar is high with a few exceptions, most notably, keloids on the earlobes. This are best treated by surgical excision with follow up to ensure they do not recur. Dr. Steele Johnson will advise if excision is an option for your scar.


Some people heal with pink/red scars while others heal with brown or hyperpigmentation. Redness may signal inflammation, so in the right setting, like in acne, it often means that the area needs to be treated for inflammation, rather than for scarring. If it is truly a red/pink scar then the most appropriate treatment is a laser that targets redness. This is the same laser that treats rosacea or broken blood vessels. The results are permanent with near normal skin color at the site of the scar. Red scars may also be raised scars, sunken scars, stretched scars, etc., so there may be other components to treatment required to get the absolute best results.


People with pigment (those with olive, tan or brown skin color) are more likely to heal with pigment, hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation in scars is best treated with applied creams that inhibit new pigment formation and help the body “clean up” excess pigment. While these creams are commonly called “bleaching creams”, Dr. Steele Johnson prefers to call them creams to even the skin tone. In scars, the goal with these creams, as it is in any case of hyperpigmentation is to make the treated area match the rest of the skin. Not all of these creams are created equally and some are far more effective than others. Dr. Steele will direct you to those that will be most effective. Dark scars may also be raised scars, sunken scars, stretched scars, etc., so there may be other components to treatment required to get the absolute best results.


These scars are the opposite of keloids/thickened scars, instead the skin is too thin. In keloids or thick scars there is too much collagen, and in widened scars there is too little collagen to support healthy, normal appearing skin. These scars are often surgical scars where there was too much tension on the wound given the location, the wound edges were pulled apart during healing (what happens if someone exercises too early after a surgery), or an infection caused the wound edges to come apart. The appearance of these scars is similar to that of a “stretch mark” where the skin is thin and wrinkly looking within the scar. In any case, treatment options for this type of wound include scar revision surgery, laser surgery or scar creams.Scar Revision surgery is usually not Dr. Steele’s first choice for improving the appearance of a scar, but in the case of a stretched/thin scar, it is one of the best options. New collagen needs to get under the scar, and a great way to do so is to cut out the area that is too thin and bring the edges of the healthy skin that surrounds the scar back together. Since Dr. Steele is making a new scar, you must take ultimate care of the scar as it’s healing to make sure that it heals best.

Laser Surgery is another way to generate new collagen under the scar. The newer technologies of some non-ablative and ablative lasers allows energy to be delivered to the underlying layers of skin creating injury and therefore, stimulating the body to make new collagen to support the overlying skin. Laser advancement in the area of scar treatments opens so many more effective and non-invasive options for treating scars. You typically need a series of treatments to get to your desired endpoint, but see improvement at every point along the way. Laser treatments generally require no alteration in your daily activities, so it can nicely fit into one’s lifestyle.

Scar Creams for thinned scars (including stretch marks) include retinoids and other creams that help generate new collagen. The effect is modest, however, these creams may be used as an added treatment to a laser treatment or other mode of scar improvement. Every little bit helps!


Many people who visit Steele Dermatology have agonized over stretch marks for years. Some of them have even tried expensive, over-the-counter products that promised big results but weren’t able to deliver. Fortunately, Steele Dermatology can help anyone with stretch mark removal.

All kinds of people have stretch marks from all sorts of conditions, whether it is skin that has been stretched out from a pregnancy, from getting taller, heavier or building more muscle, etc. A lot of times stretch marks are an unsightly consequence of good things that have or are happening to the body! Knowing what stretch marks are can help patients understand where they came from and perhaps even find the treatment for stretch marks that is right for them.If you are troubled by stretch marks, rest assured that you’re not alone. Many people are plagued by this cosmetic concern. It’s important to note that while you may not like the way stretch marks look, they are not a sign of a larger medical problem nor do they pose any kind of threat to your health.Even with that knowledge, you may be anxious to learn about a stretch mark treatment. These marks, sometimes called striae distensae, form when there are rapid changes to body mass. That’s why stretch marks are fairly common in pregnant women and in teens going through puberty. The skin simply isn’t able to stretch quickly enough to accommodate the growth of the body.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Sometimes stretch marks can improve with time, but don’t always and may only improve a small amount on their own. So oftentimes, treatment for stretch marks is still required . Complete stretch mark removal is not always possible. However, the stretch mark treatment options that are prescribed by your dermatologist have been shown to be highly effective.

One of the most effective of these is microneedling. Microneedling for stretch mark removal is a treatment that safely makes microscopic injuries to the skin using tiny, sterile needles. When these tiny injuries are made, your skin begins to produce extra collagen and elastin in order to heal. By expediting this production with microneedling, the appearance of stretch marks is greatly reduced.

Another popular treatment for stretch marks is laser stretch mark removal. This stretch mark treatment involves an intense beam of light being aimed at the affected tissue. The skin on the treated area is ablated, allowing for a new, smoother layer of skin to develop. Laser stretch mark removal has few side effects and requires little down time. Additionally, it often offers spectacular results, making it a popular treatment method.

Microdermabrasion or a chemical peel may also provide relief for people with stretch marks. Each is a non-invasive treatment for stretch marks that effectively removes the outer layer of skin to allow a new, supple layer to emerge.

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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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The health and safety of our patients is our biggest concern. Please read about the necessary precautions we are taking to deliver the safest care to our patients.
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