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Excessive or Unwanted Hair Growth

Few things can be more embarrassing than hair growth in the wrong areas on the body! Dr. Steele Johnson recognizes this and can help identify reasons that you may have hair growing in the “wrong” places, like on the face in women. Not only will we uncover why you may have excessive or inappropriate hair, but we will slow it down, stop it, and/or remove it.

Dr. Steele Johnson will choose the safest and most effective tools to achieve your goals of minimizing your undesired hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal

People often consider it a part of typical grooming to remove unwanted hair on the body. This may include the bikini area, back, chest, face, armpits, legs and arms—basically anywhere you want! Most methods of hair removal are safe and effective, but some are less irritating, less painful, and have better long term results. Shaving and waxing are good options, although they may be complicated by skin irritation or hair follicle inflammation, folliculitis. They are readily available and usually inexpensive. Similarly, threading is a common method of hair removal, especially for hair on the face that usually is quick, inexpensive, and without many side effects.

Laser hair removal (LHR) is the most permanent means of hair removal, and at Steele Dermatology, it is a very safe and reliable technology. Laser hair removal is minimally painful and can be used on all skin types, however not all hair colors. Unfortunately, there is no laser available that can effectively treat light colored hairs since lasers must target the pigment in hair to work. As long as you have dark hair (brown or black) to be removed then we can do so in a safe and effective way. Not only does LHR treat unwanted hair, but is also an effective way to prevent ingrown hairs, hair bumps and discoloration that can result from repetitive hair removal and subsequent re-growth.

At Steele Dermatology we use lasers that have associated cooling devices to minimize pain. Our lasers also have attachments that make them appropriate to use on areas of the body with large surface area, like the back, legs, or arms, and also on small areas like the upper lip, chin, or armpits. Therefore, treatments generally go smoothly and quickly. After treatment, the skin is treated with a cooling, soothing cream and you are free to return to normal activities. This is truly a no-downtime treatment.

While Laser hair removal is the most permanent means of hair removal, you often need a few sessions to get your final result and you will need touch ups every once in awhile to make sure that hairs don’t start to regrow months or years after the procedure. Dr. Steele Johnson often hears from patients that they’ve had LHR at another office before that wasn’t effective or that hair grew back. This is why it is important to use a technology that is not only safe, but also effective. Also, it is important to be honest in communicating that touch ups will be necessary throughout the years. This is the case for all LHR. Ideal treatment requires commitment to several sessions, but once complete, not having to shave, tweeze, or thread for years to come is well worth the investment.

As is the case for all treatments, a consultation is required to make sure that you will get an excellent result from treatment, to review treatment options and to address any other concerns. Make your appointment today.

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