Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing


Stratamed is a transparent gel for topical application. It dries into a thin and flexible protective sheet that ensures constant contact with the wound surface 24 hours a day. It hydrates and protects superficial wounds and compromised skin, and does not adhere strongly to the wound bed or the newly formed granulating tissue. It creates an optimal environment for faster re-epithelialization resulting in reduced downtime, reduces and normalizes the inflammatory response and provides symptomatic relief from redness/discoloration, itching, discomfort and pain.

  • Protection and hydration of the wound.
  • Allows scar management to begin immediately post procedures.
  • Would dressing in a gel format.
  • Bacteriostatic and non-reactive
  • 5g (.17 oz) or 10g (.35 oz) Squeeze Tube
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