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What are broken blood vessels?

Some people may have redness all over the face (and sometimes chest) all of the time, or worse with certain times – especially with sun exposure, cold or wind, heat, etc. Broken capillaries (or blood vessels) can be seen as little red or purple squiggles on the face. It is often associated with rosacea, which is experienced by somewhere between and 5-10% of the adult population. Although it mostly affects the most fair-skinned patients, even patients of color can see persistent redness. 

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What causes broken blood vessels?

Probably the biggest reason for redness is sun damage (i.e. ultraviolet (UV) radiation), usually over a prolonged period of time, not from one sunburn or day in the sun. Tiny blood vessels become damaged and actually pop open and make the whole skin appear rosy. They also respond to heat, stress and increased blood flow to look redder or more visible. 

Where do you get broken blood vessels?

Broken capillaries appear mostly on the face, but areas of redness associated with sun damage can appear on the chest and neck as well

How do we treat rbroken blood vessels?

Laser, laser, laser. Lasers are really the only way to permanently address the blood vessels that are broken. Creams may help with redness and flushing temporarily and may be used in combination with laser procedures.

Laser Genesis Skin Toning

Laser Skin Toning – Laser Genesis

Laser Skin Toning with Laser Genesis is a lunchtime laser treatment that helps make your skin tone and texture better over several treatments. It delivers moderately aggressive energy to the skin to target irregular color and tone, such as redness and broken capillaries. After several treatments, you’ll notice an improvement and evening of the skin tone.

Excel 5 Laser

Excel V Laser Redness/Vascular Treatment

Excel V Laser Redness/Vascular Treatment is an aggressive laser treatment specifically targeting redness and broken/enlarged blood vessels. This treatment will give you very impressive and long-lasting results from only a few treatments.

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