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About Sculptra

Sculptra is the non-filler filler. It creates volume, but by stimulating your body to do it on its own. It’s a natural way to do filler. Sculptra is actually a bio-stimulatory product it is tiny particles of suture material suspended in a solution of water. When the solution is injected the water gets absorbed by the body and the tiny particles remain in the skin. Your body starts to make collagen in a controlled and natural process around those particles. After about a month, you will notice an increase in volume in the treated areas. Since Sculptra stimulates collagen production and that’s good for everything from volume, to skin radiance, to skin health, it can be used in a variety of ways on the face and body, including buttock augmentation and “Sculptra facials”.

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Perfect For: Facial and body volume loss, facial and body rejuvenation and augmentation

Procedure Time: 30-45 min

Recovery Type & Time: None

Results: 2 years

Price: $$$


How it works

Once the areas to be treated are marked, numbing cream will be applied to the areas. Once you are numb, the areas are injected with the Sculptra.  You will see an immediate volumization, but that is mostly from the water in the solution that will get absorbed. The next day that volume will disappear and then it will gradually re-appear over the next few weeks. You are usually seen back in 4-6 weeks for follow up and more treatment at that point, if necessary.

What does the recovery entail?

Really, there isn’t any downtime to the procedure. As mentioned before, the solution that is injected is mostly water and the ultimate result comes from the body creating the collagen in the weeks after treatment. You can return to normal daily activities including wearing makeup, working out, etc.

What type of follow up or maintenance is needed?

You will likely need additional treatment in the future to maintain your results. As we age, we lose volume. So, as long as you’re aging then you’ll probably need treatment again. Sculptra “lasts” for approximately 2 years, i.e. there is still evidence of the collagen from the Sculptra after 2 years. However, you typically have aged over that time and lost more volume in that time as well. We recommend everyone come in for additional treatment between 9 and 12 months to maintain your results. 


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