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Keravive scalp treatments

About Keravive Scalp Treatment

Keravive scalp treatment is like a facial for your head.  It is soothing and calming, but also therapeutic. We use hydradermabrasion with the HydraFacial machine to cleanse, stimulate, nourish, and hydrate your scalp to improve hair follicle health and stimulate hair growth. When the hair follicles are clean, healthy, and nourished, they are better able to function, i.e. grow hair.  Additionally, the treatment is great for dry, congested, and or irritated scalps.

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Perfect For: Thinning hair, male and female pattern hair loss, scaly/dry scalp

Procedure Time: 30 min

Recovery Type & Time: None

Results Last: Variable

Price: $$-$$$


How it works

Your esthetician will part the hair into sections to expose the scalp section by section.  The HydraFacial tip is passed along the scalp and uses a water vortex system to cleanse, suction, exfoliate and infuse the scalp with nutrients in successive steps.  These steps are repeated until the whole scalp is treated.  Your scalp will feel revitalized post-treatment.  

What does the recovery entail?

Your scalp and roots of your hair will be damp post-treatment and it will take about 30 min to dry.  We ask that you wait until the next day to wash and style your hair as you usually would to allow for maximum results of the treatment.  

What type of follow up or maintenance is needed?

The first 3 treatments will be done in a series 1 month apart. Following that initial series, you may want or need additional treatments periodically.  Depending on your scalp condition, this may be as frequent as once per month or as infrequent as once per year.  If you are doing Keravive in addition to other treatments like PRP, and also using at-home topical treatments, then you will rotate treatments and most likely, get Keravive less frequently.  


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