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torn earlobes

What are torn earlobes?

Earring holes start as tight little holes/channels for an earring, but over time may come to look more like an elongated slit more than a hole. Typically, heavy earrings play a role in this evolution, but sometimes it even happens with stud-style earrings. Usually, it happens over time and isn’t particularly traumatic (i.e. no bleeding, pain, etc.), but occasionally it happens more acutely from someone or something pulling at an earring and tearing the hole. Either way, it is an easy fix.

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What causes torn earlobes?

Torn earlobes happen either because of wearing heavy earrings over the years or because of trauma. Sometimes you know that you wore heavy hoops or even heavy studs, but sometimes it is earrings that you don’t even consider to be particularly heavy because they don’t feel heavy to you. Of course, your earring hole can also be traumatically torn in an accident.

Where do you get torn earlobes?

It may occur in one or both earlobes. Sometimes one earlobe splits the whole way through before the other and it makes sense to repair both. 

How do we treat torn earlobes?

Earlobe repair surgery

Earlobe Repair Surgery

Surgery is used to treat torn earlobes. The torn hole must actually be excised (cut out) and then put back together. The procedure is performed by Dr. Steele Johnson and the area is first numbed with local anesthetic, then she’ll precisely remove the stretched out area and put the fresh skin layers back together. You will have stitches and the area must remain covered for 1 week. After the stitches are removed, you will need to continue to keep the area covered for another 1-2 weeks. You will be able to re-pierce the ear at 6 weeks.

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