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Instalift threadlift

About instalift/thread lift

Instalift threads are threads of suture material that are run underneath the skin to literally “pick up” and lift heavy or sagging skin. It is best used in the cheeks and along the jawline and neck. Not only does it create an instant lift, months later, but the suture material also stimulates collagen production and volumization to keep the face and neck youthful and the skin radiant. Over time the suture material is biodegraded in the skin and the volume created by your own body remains for a long-lasting result.

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Perfect For: Heavy nasolabial folds (smile lines), jowls, sagging neck and jawline

Procedure Time: 45 min

Recovery Type & Time: No makeup x 2 days; possible swelling and bruising x 1 week

Results: 1-2 years

Price: $$$$


How it works

Once you are marked and numbed, there are puncture holes made in the center of the area to be lifted this is the entry point for the suture. Then Dr. Steele Johnson inserts the thread and threads it underneath the skin to the bottom of the area to be lifted and brings it out, then she takes the other end and threads it to the top of the area to be lifted and brings it out there. The two ends of the thread exit the skin at the top and bottom, and Dr. Steele Johnson pulls on both ends like a pulley to lift the skin to the desired position. Although it may sound uncomfortable, the layer of skin through which the thread is pulled doesn’t have many nerves, so it actually isn’t painful at all. Once the threads are in place, the tails that are sticking out of the skin are snipped and it is all under the skin.

What does the recovery entail?

The entry point puncture sites take 2-3 days to heal, so you cannot wear makeup during that healing process. Otherwise, you may have some swelling and some bruising under the skin for up to a week, but once the holes are healed then you can wear makeup. The swelling will likely only be noticeable to you. You want the threads to stay in place, so you will want to avoid excess movement of the head and neck for 1-2 weeks. 

What type of follow up or maintenance is needed?

The effects of Instalift/Thread Lift will last for up to 2 years, especially with the collagen and volume producing aspect of the treatment. However, you will continue to age over that time and may need additional fillers, procedures, or laser treatments in that time to maintain your appearance. After 9-12 months you may also consider additional threads. 


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