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Laser skin resurfacing

About laser skin resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing is done with a (CO2) carbon dioxide laser. It can be a very powerful laser that can treat more severe skin issues that other devices cannot. The CO2 energy removes the damaged layers of skin in a fractionated manner, i.e. it leaves little islands of skin intact to aid in the healing process. The laser is a perfect choice for deep lines and wrinkles, very sun-damaged skin, and aged eyes.   

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Perfect For: Wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, scars, wrinkling around the mouth and eyes

Procedure Time: 30-45 min

Recovery Type & Time: 1 week of redness, crusting, and peeling

Results: 2+ years

Price: $$$$


How it works

First things first, when you come in for laser skin resurfacing you get a layer of numbing cream applied to the areas to be treated. Many times we treat the whole face, neck, chest, etc., but sometimes we will just treat specific areas, like around the mouth or eyes. Once you have numbed for at least 30 minutes, the numbing cream is removed and we begin the laser treatment. You may feel mild discomfort, but nothing painful during the course of treatment. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll be red and see some darker dots on the face. We will apply a healing balm before you leave and give you post-procedure care instructions and products.

What does the recovery entail?

Your skin will go through initial redness and swelling in the first 1-2 days, following that, the little black dots will begin to become more prominent x 1-2 days, then redness will subside somewhat and the little black dots will peel/slough off x 1-2 days. You will need to keep the area well lubricated throughout the process and it will be difficult to wear makeup through the early days post-treatment. You should be able to wear makeup and resume normal activities after 1 week. 

What type of follow up or maintenance is needed?

You may need more than one laser skin resurfacing treatment if you have particularly deep scars, wrinkles, or sun-damaged skin. You may need 2-3 treatments for the most severely damaged skin. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, then you may need additional treatment every 2-5 years depending on your lifestyle and the rate at which your skin is aging and the amount of environmental damage you are getting.     






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