Skin of Color

At Steele Dermatology, we understand that our patients with more melanin or “skin of color”, often require special consideration and care. Of course, skin of color isn’t one thing, it applies to people of many different shades, tones and ethnicities. We embrace the ever expanding diversity of our patient population and create skincare solutions for all that are both safe and effective.

Our patients with skin of color often have a higher degree of hyperpigmentation, blemishes and discoloration more than those with fair skin.  We have a variety of treatment solutions for dark spots in whatever shape or form they come. Our full range of chemical peels, lasers, devices, and skincare products are not only safe, but also extremely effective for our patients with more melanin.  There are more options than ever in treating skin of color.

You don’t have to wonder if it is the right type of laser or the right type of peel for your skin color—we’ve already taken that into consideration. Dr. Steele Johnson and the team’s experience and knowledge of skin and science makes us uniquely and expertly qualified to make the right decisions for your skin—no matter what color it is.

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