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We all love our hair! We love to grow it, dye it, cut it, curl it, straighten it, braid it, twist it, flip it…we’re sort of obsessed.

That’s why it’s ever so upsetting when we lose our hair — when it comes out, breaks or just doesn’t seem to grow the way it once did.

We experience it by seeing more hairs in the sink or on our clothes, we know it when our ponytail is smaller, when you can see your scalp more easily, or when the hairline appears to be moving back and the hairs along the edges are more sparse.

We understand. We ALL go through it – this is why and this is how to fix it.

Millions of Americans deal with hair loss, and you or a loved one may be one of them. Those suffering with hair loss are often both anxious and depressed about their thinning hair. They aren’t certain that there is a hair loss treatment or that can actually reverse hair loss. Of course, commercials for hair loss solutions are all over television and the internet, but it’s hard to believe their claims (as it should be).

It’s good that people are wary of hair loss solutions. Many of these are ineffective, and considering the cost involved it’s usually better to ignore them. However, that doesn’t mean that searching for the best hair loss treatment isn’t worthwhile. It just means that it’s necessary to look elsewhere for hair loss solutions.